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About Silvercreek Realty

Fee Structure

Our fee structure is unique and one of the key components to our business model. Our model centers on you! Silvercreek agents decide, not the broker, how to invest their money in building their businesses and brands. The days of the big box brokers taking substantial percentages with their franchise fees are coming to an end. When agents overcome the anxiety of choosing a brokerage and compare the value and reinvestment in their business, Silvercreek is the clear choice.

Our fees are simple. A desk fee of $50.00 per month covers the essentials of supporting your business. Our transaction fee of $450.00 with a 20 deal cap allows Silvercreek to operate and provide class A office space filled with the latest technology and training available. When you refer business to another agent a small 10% transaction fee applies not to exceed $450.00. If your niche is in the lower price ranges plan on a 25% transaction fee with a minimum charge of $250.00 (Applies to homes with a purchase price of under $60,000.)

Profit Sharing

With our profit sharing program, your income potential is not limited to the homes that you sell. For each new agent that you refer to Silvercreek you will receive $100 each time that agent closes a full fee transaction. Profit sharing allows you to bring other like-minded agents to Silvercreek, creating an enjoyable and professional environment.

Broker Support

When you need broker support Aaron Doughty and Krista Deacon are there for you. Deals can head south quickly that’s why Silvercreek policy is to return calls within 30 minutes. Both brokers bring specialized expertise to help every agent succeed. Aaron has gained extensive commercial experience over the past 15 years having sold close to 200 million dollars in real estate while Krista has gained an acute understanding of real estate law, forms and ethics. With a reputation for adhering to industry standards and encouraging agent integrity, our brokers embody the Silvercreek mission of Commitment, Integrity, and Experience.


In partnership with Envision Real Estate School, we provide training and agent development far superior to other brokerages. EnVision offers agent development classes, training and mentoring, as well as free continuing education and free core classes. With over 20 years of experience, Janis Mooney, the President of EnVision has taught and mentored many of the valley’s biggest producers.


Enjoy unprecedented organization and ease of access to all of your documentation with Silvercreek’s paperless document system. Receive broker notifications to maintain your files and access your files from any computer with an internet connection. Also available to agents, free black and white printing on our state of the art Canon machines which also do color copies, faxing, scanning to email, staple and whole punching. The technology doesn't stop there. Have access to your own e-fax web client for desktop faxing of your saved PDF files. Receive all your faxes straight into your email inbox with our free E-Fax numbers. Silvercreek also has an Agent Toolbox, that gives you tools such as Silvercreek forms, Marketing material, Pocket Listings, a Forum that reaches over 700 agents, and a live Chat Room.

IT Support

Technology means support and Silvercreek’s IT Systems Engineer, George Pafundi, will help you navigate our network and office systems. George understands computer systems and corporate networks. He is a licensed real estate agent and also has extensive experience as a builder. With his background in real estate, George understands agents and their needs.


Work like a professional without the overhead by using our private drop-in offices and 3 conference rooms. The Class A office space is a great place to work and will display your professionalism with your clients. With agents and facilities in the Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls, and Sun Valley markets, Silvercreek is Idaho’s real estate solution.

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